Wine Culture Centre


International competition


Tatiana Keskevich, Eugene Liashuk, Viktor Kolesnikov




Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, Italy






BSA special prize

The Wine Culture Centre is a modern building, but fits into the traditional environment through its careful attention to elements such as height, volume and materiality. The new building can be interpreted as land-art. It becomes more than a building in the way that it creates new outline towards the mountains. The building is characterized by a dramatic roofscape. Many domes compose the spectacular roof surface defining the geometry of the building - in reference to the essence of wine - grape. Such roof shape allows to create impressive interior space and interpretation of traditional Italian arched courtyard.

Space for multi-purpose areas is provided in fruit store on level 1 during 9 months. In this area we designed number of temporary pneumatic membranes for smaller activities - “learning bubbles” that divides the whole space into different functional zones.

A water recycling system will be utilized to collect and store rainfall from the roof. The rain water will be recycled for use in lavatories. Natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation will be used. Perforated concrete shell protects building from overheating and creates comfortably shaded spaces inside.