International Competition


Tatiana Keskevich, Eugene Liashuk, Alex Kuzmianchuk




Hong Kong, China






3rd Prise

...let me see you stripped...

According to existing situation with extremely compact planning, we elevated our object above the ground. Then we stripped the building`s skin down and leant it on the nearest buildings creating the load-bearing frames. This spatial structure like the bridges lets the whole building soar in space
Visually and functionally, our building consists of three parts:
1. The lower part of the building contains several nightclubs, which are open to the public.
2. The middle part is a multi-leveled lobby with reserved access to hotel, spa with a large swimming pool, business center, store and a restaurant. This part of the building horizontally developed.
3. The upper part of the building is a hotel. All slabs here have a regular outline with shrinking boundaries of interior space towards the upper stories. This principle creates balconies in single and double rooms and terraces in suites, aerial villas and in presidential suite.

The building communicates with the ground by the elevators that take visitors and hotel guests up to the lobby through the nightclub zones. From the lobby you should use other elevators to reach zones with registered access: hotel, spa center etc. Our construction is an architectural parasite that leans on neighboring buildings and uses their communication infrastructure. Evacuation organized through the three bridges towards the nearest buildings.

The whole load from our building delivered to the buildings it leans on through the load- bearing frames. Vertical and horizontal structures made from the ultra-light and strong composite materials.

Photovoltaic elements are to be located on the building and supplement electricity requirements. A water recycling system will be utilized to collect and store rainfall from the roof. The rainwater will be recycled for use in lavatories. Natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation will be used.