conserved fashion


International Competition


Tatiana Keskevich, Eugene Liashuk, Alex Kuzmianchuk




Tokyo, Japan





Contemporary fashion always based on historical traditions wherever it has been made. We found an inspiration in a tradition to pickle vegetables in glass or ceramic jar so as to save them for a long period of time. In our opinion all museums have the same function – to preserve exhibits from being destroyed and show them to visitors. We represent our fashion museum as a sort of “jar” where we keep various attributes of fashion from different periods of time. We want to make our museum open not only for visitors but also for all passersby. Therefore we turn the “jar” over and pour everything out into the street. The museum goes beyond the building and makes all people take part in informal fashion show.

1. Central communication core that runs from ground to the top and acts as a spine for the whole structure.
2. The “cucumbers” – structures from light materials that joined to the slabs and have different functional purposes.
3. Glazing facade.

The whole load-bearing frame of the building is protected by friction pendulum bearing that can improve the construction in seismic territory.