New Contemporary Art Museum


International Competition


Tatiana Keskevich, Eugene Liashuk, Alex Kuzmianchuk




Buenos Aires, Argentina





We propose to create a Museum of Contemporary Arts as a “building – public square” that forms additional multifunctional recreational area in the city.
In order to achieve that, we remove part of the embankment and fill the newly freed space with water. Then the building is moved down on the water. Upon contact with the water, the museum building “spreads out” and creates a floating square with long piers. That solution creates a new level of the embankment with entrances to the Museum of Modern Arts, and to “La Fragata Sarmiento”, and also to open-air exhibition of sculptures. The sculptures are placed in glass capsules and they float on the water in the spaces among the piers. By transforming the upper part of the building, we create an open air amphitheater on the roof for performing arts. Part of the facade we turn into a big media screen facing the square, as well as pedestrian bridge “Puente da la Mujer”, and the embankment. If it is necessary to increase the territory in front of the museums, the square can be transformed. Capsules with sculptures, with the help of special equipment, can be submerged under the water like sea mines and the spaces between the peers can be filled with wooden flooring.
The Museum of Contemporary Arts is joined with the Museum “La Fragata Sarmiento” by way of a pedestrian bridge “Puente da la Mujer” and by the part of the River de la Plata riverbank into one multifunctional system allowing people enjoy their time in the artistic environment.

The Museum building and the square are located on large pontoon-type barges. Such floating base can flexibly react to changes of water levels in the channel. The whole building structure is made of strong, lightweight materials similar to naval architecture. The whole building is wrapped in a wooden shell which gives the building additional lightness and integrity.